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Meet the Hit-air airbag vest that offers extra protection in the event of a fall, ensuring extra confidence when you are on horseback.

In addition to proper training as a rider and knowledge of how to handle a horse properly, safe equipment contributes greatly to reducing and preventing serious injuries and wounds when riding. The airbag for riders and drivers is the best example of how to do this! For anyone who chooses safety, this vest should be a standard part of the equipment, just like a solid riding helmet and boots.

The Hit-Air airbag system has been used successfully worldwide since 1985. The Hit-Air airbag vests are produced by Mugen Denko Co Ltd in Japan. They have been marketing the Hit-Air airbag system since 1985 and have an extensively tested and proven safety record.

Hit-Air is the market leader with its vests sold in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

New: Hit-Air airbag vest Evolution with extra shock absorption

The latest model of Hit-air is the Hit-air airbag vest Evolution. Model Evolution is a standard all-in-one airbag model with impact-absorbing properties.

The main difference with the older models is that the shock-absorbent material Visco Elastan has been used in the Evolution. Visco Elastan complies with the impact test EN13594:2015. Experiments have been performed with raw eggs that do not break when dropped on this material!

The Visco Elastan is placed on the front of the vest, also behind the CO2-pattern, and thus offers additional protection. The airtube of the airbag has been modified and improved. The airbag is placed behind the keybox to promote the shock buffering function.

A keybox with S-System is installed as standard. This is an improved Type B keybox which halves the activation time (from the moment of activation until the airbag is fully filled). Activation time is approximately 0.25 seconds. The Evolution model is fitted as standard with a handy All-in-One lanyard instead of the "normal" spiral cord, making attachment to the saddle even safer.

This model is available in 3 sizes, each of which is adjustable:

Hit-Air Evolution-CS is suitable for size 2XS-S and is activated with a 50cc CO2 cartridge. Order the Evolution-CS here.

Hit-Air Evolution-CM fits size S-XL and is activated with a 60cc CO2 cartridge. Order the Evolution-CM here.

Hit-Air Evolution-CL is suitable for size XL-3XL and is activated with a 60cc CO2 cartridge. Order the Evolution-CL here.


Hit-Air airbagvest MC model body warmer

De originele Hit-air airbagvest (model MC) kan je het best omschrijven als een bodywarmer met een geïntegreerd airbagsysteem en rugprotector. Bij een val wanneer de ruiter uit het zadel raakt, activeert het spiraalkoord dat de ruiter verbindt met het zadel automatisch het airbagsysteem.

Voel je veilig en geniet van je rit zonder je beklemd te voelen. De vest is aangenaam te dragen en het grote voordeel ervan is dat je nu geen last hebt van de stugheid van een bodyprotector. Het systeem is geschikt om bij de uitoefening van alle disciplines binnen de ruitersport te dragen.

You can order model MC here (choose your size according to your normal clothing size).

Lightweight airbag vest Hit-air SV

The SV2 model is sometimes called the "lightweight" airbag vest because it weighs the least.

Order model SV-2 (size 2XS-S) here.


Functioning of a Hit-air airbag vest

In the event of a fall, the airbag closes around the body in less than half a second, protecting you from the neck to the tailbone. The Hit-Air airbag vest protects the neck, vertebrae, abdomen, chest, ribs and tailbone and also acts as a shock absorber when hitting the ground. When the airbag is triggered, the upper body is completely immobilised for a few seconds, reducing the risk of spinal displacement, whiplash and serious injury. Because the spinal column is stabilised, the neck and neck area have limited movement and are optimally protected.

The vest can be used again after a fall. Just knock off the sand and replace the CO2 cartridge. The cartridge is very easy and quick to replace yourself.

Inadvertent activation during dismounting, if you forget to unclip the coil cord, is rare because it takes about 35 kg of falling weight to activate the airbag. So if you forget to unhook yourself from the saddle or carriage, the airbag will not inflate, you will just feel a jolt reminding you to unhook. Riders quickly get used to the new clip-on/clip-off system. It's the principle of fastening or unfastening your seatbelt when you get in or out of the car....

While wearing the vest, you will not notice that you are wearing it until the moment you fall. In the event of a fall, the coiled cord is pulled from your airbag vest and the CO2 cartridge is activated, causing the vest to inflate in less than half a second.

When the vest fills up, you immediately get the feeling of a large, sturdy balloon closing in around you. Moreover, at that moment your neck is also enclosed by the neck roll. It reaches the bottom of your helmet and ears. Your torso, with all its vulnerable and vital parts, is then fully protected from the neck up to your tailbone and pelvis. You are completely 'wrapped up', in a manner of speaking.

This all happens within the time that you fall and land on the ground with a soft landing!

Frequently asked Hit-air questions

Do I have to activate the airbag?

No, after mounting you attach the coil cord to the saddle and if you should fall the airbag will deploy automatically.

Is the CO2 cartridge refillable?

No, a cartridge can be used only once and needs to be replaced after activation.

How much does an airbag vest weigh?

Model Evolution-CS (adjustable, size 2XS t/m S) = 1,1 kg

Model Evolution-CM (adjustable, size S t/m XL) = 1,2 kg

Model Evolution-CL (adjustable, size XL t/m 3XL) = 1,3 kg

Model SV2 (adjustable, size SXS-S) = 810 g

Model MC = approximately 1,5 kg

Model SKV (adjustable children's airbag vest, size M-XL) = 880 g

Can the airbag vest be reused after it has gone off?

Yes, just let the air out of the airbag, close the snap buttons so that the airbag is back in the vest and then replace the CO2 cartridge.

Am I visible in the dark?

Yes, the airbag vest has reflective materials at the front and back.

Has the Hit-Air vest been tested and approved by an official government?

Yes, the Hit-Air airbag vest has been extensively tested by TNO (the Netherlands), is certified and complies with all applicable European guidelines. The Hit-Air airbag vests are the only fully CE-approved airbag vests on the market in which the mechanical tests for the activation of the airbag and the time required to fill the airbag chambers have been carried out by TNO in the Netherlands. The Hit-Air airbag vests have been fully and thoroughly tested in both mechanical and material terms and, on the basis of these tests, they have a CE-certificate issued by TNO in the Netherlands.

Are the Hit-Air vests BETA approved?

At present, the airbag vest is not yet BETA approved. If you are riding a competition where the EN13158/BETA standard is mandatory, then you can wear the Hit-air vest as an extra protection in addition to a BETA approved body protector.

How do I know which size cartridge fits my Hit-air?

When you open the zip of the keybox, there is a label on the inside with the correct size you need.

How to: Attaching the lanyard to your saddle

How to: Replacing the Hit-Air cartridge

Hit-Air precautions

Avoid carrying sharp or pointed objects such as pins, pens, keys or hoof scrapers in the pockets of the airbag vest as well as in clothing worn under the airbag vest. The resulting damage to the airbag before or at the time of activation can prevent the airbag from working efficiently. The airbag vest must fit well and not be too small. Wear the vest closed and always over your clothing.

Once a year the functionality of the airbag should be tested by activating it. The CO2 cartridge to be replaced must be identical to the original delivered with the purchase of the vest, both in size and content. Ensure that the cartridge base is intact and not oxidised. Make sure the CO2 cartridge is screwed in straight and firmly in the cartridge holder. If the CO2 cartridge is not fixed in the right place or not tightened properly, the activation time and operation of the airbag will be adversely affected. If the airbag is not triggered for a longer period of time, regularly check that the CO2 cartridge is still tightened securely and not oxidised in the cartridge holder.

The airbag vest should be cleaned regularly and stored in a dry place on a clothes hanger after use.


Exclusively for the ladies: Air Swift airbag vest by Penelope Leprevost

Do you want to go for an extremely stylish airbag vest that looks like a neutral body warmer?

Then quickly discover the Air Swift airbag vest from the brand Penelope.

Pénélope Leprevost: "Very comfortable and reassuring to ride my young horses".

Created to combine extra safety with good looks, Penelope Leprovost has designed this vest with built-in airbag protection. The Airswift protection vest meets the expectations of anyone who wants to ride safely but still look elegant and chic. The Airswift can be used both during training and competition.

The vest closes quickly thanks to a zip at the front and has two elastic bands at the sides for the greatest comfort. The padding is hidden in a fake pocket on the front and the Penelope logo is embroidered with silver thread on the left side of the chest.

The Airswift vest has the "C-protect Air" Airbag system and inflates in less than 0.1 seconds. It gives an extra 2 cm protection to the neck when inflating. The vest provides airbag protection to the front and back of the vest. The vest also includes a back protector.

Made in France and also suitable for motorcycling.

It has a pressure of 250 mbars on the entire chest and protects the thorax, abdomen and back (from neck to tailbone).

The Airswift vest includes the vest, a 50 CC CO2 cartridge, a lanyard cord and a saddle strap.

Standards CE 2016/425, protocol CRITT SL AMC-011 and GEG-001.

If you prefer to go for a regular body protector and not an airbag vest, be sure to check out this article for more information and facts about body protectors.


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