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Linda Parelli: "You have to love horses, to want to be partners, to empower them, and to engage in a conversation rather than simply giving them instructions to follow. Some people think their techniques are important, but when you put the relationship first,it impacts your feel and timing. Anyone can make a horse do something, but can you get them to want to do it?"

Linda is bringing her new clinic, '
Happy Horse', to Belgium, for 3 days of focused learning on the practical application of horse psychology 'Horsenality'.

We want our horses to be happy, but how do we know if they really are? We have to be able to read our horses more accurately, and at a deeper level because its their primary needs that need to be fulfilled: Safety, Comfort and Play.
What do each of those mean to a horse? Are we really fulfilling them?

What about the different Horsenalities… do LB horses feel safer than RB horses? Are they more interested in comfort? And what about play… how can we constructively play with our LBE’s, and will RBIs ever want to play?
Lets take a deeper dive into each of these areas and learn the simple steps we can take to make sure we are fulfilling our roles as leaders our horses want to be with!

A deeper understanding of the 7 games

When your horse understands the goal of each of the games (on the ground and in the saddle), the results are transformational – for both you and your horse.
Experience a whole new level of responsiveness, enthusiasm and mental engagement from your horse. Stop “going up your phases.” Start giving your horse a reason to respond!

Linda's specialities also include biomechanics, better riding, leadership, how to use psychology while riding Finesse... to improve your results, solve problems, have more fun and motivation in living your dream with horses.

Each of the 3 intensive days will be focused on different topics, this will include theory sessions and practical ground and ridden sessions.

Course date: from Friday October 25th 9 am to Sunday October 27th 5 pm.

Venue: LRV Ruiterschool, Waversebaan 99, 3050 Oud-Heverlee, Belgium

Cost Rider: 1.200€ Book your ticket here
For the riders lunch is included.
Stable 15€ / day (straw or shavings included, no hay available). Arrival horses: Thursday evening.

Cost Auditor:
Full course (3 days): 295€ Book your ticket here
Ticket 2 days: 210€ Book your ticket here
Ticket 1 day: 120€ Book your ticket here

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